We are an emerging leader in the global cannabis industry.

Emerald Health Therapeutics is a Health Canada Licensed Producer of medical cannabis. As one of the first licensees, we are pioneers in providing safe, efficacious, and clinically proven, high-value cannabis products that enhance the health of Canadians across the country. A vertically integrated, seed-to-sale enterprise, Emerald has combined core competencies from decades of experience in pharmaceutical development with expertise in large-scale greenhouse growing to become an emerging leader in the global cannabis industry.


Emerald believes the next wave of adult users and medical consumers of cannabis products will demand consistent dosing and alternative methods of consumption with safety assured through GMP compliant production.

— Executive Chairman, Avtar Dhillon, MD


Emerald’s multi-phase expansion plan is timed for massive scaling to meet anticipated demand from a legalized recreational cannabis market. Our multi-phase plan on a 32-acre site in Metro Vancouver includes modular expansion of our purpose-built growing facilities. Each phase is expected to contribute 50,000 sf of grow capacity, and each $10m in CAPEX is projected to yield 10,000 kg of production. We believe this model will create tremendous investment value, and plan to complete the first two phases of expansion prior to legalization, which would add a total 100,000 sf of grow capacity.

Emerald can expand to supply one-sixth of the estimated 600,000 kg of cannabis needed to meet annual recreational demand.

Source: Deloitte, Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities


With an industry-leading pool of cannabis genetics, and advanced Extraction and Research and Development, Emerald has put in place the essential components for creating consistent high-value downstream products for both the recreational and medical markets. We believe cannabinoid medicines present an unparalleled opportunity for use as therapeutic alternatives to a host of conventional pharmaceutical medicines that are typically much more toxic, potentially less efficacious, and often highly addictive. Emerald also expects that the technology gained in developing high-quality cannabis medicines backed by clinical efficacy, standard dosing and conventional delivery mechanisms will transfer to the development of recreational products whose safety and reliability will win the trust of the next wave of adult users.

Our ultimate goal is to develop standardized pharmaceutical dosage medication in a pill or capsule format. We plan to initiate several clinical studies to that end in 2017.

— President & CEO, Bin Huang, PhD, MBA


Emerald’s leadership is among the industry’s most experienced in pharmaceutical drug discovery, development, production, and distribution. Team members have extensive hands-on experience in clinical research, GMP production practices, regulatory approval processes, and intellectual property creation.

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The total market size potential of recreational marijuana in Canada is more than $22.6 billion.

— Source: Deloitte, Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities