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Canada, it’s time to Discuss Cannabis

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Cannabis has never been a topic of polite conversation in Canada. While many in this country support legalization, others are against it, many with deeply rooted opinions that may have been informed by years of negative media coverage and stereotypical movie characters. As a result, the truth about its potential benefits are not well known or even considered by much of the population.

We’re working to change that.

With legalization just weeks away on October 17, Emerald Health Therapeutics recently launched a national multimedia campaign to encourage discussion, investigation and a better understanding of the facts about cannabis.

We’re highlighting cannabis as a force for good, addressing its potential impacts on health, the economy, crime prevention, and much more. We’re also looking at how we got to this point in history and what legalization means for the future.

The campaign—on billboards, social media and elsewhere—presents a series of commonly asked questions about cannabis and invites Canadians to respond and react. Our website, discusscannabis.ca, hosts all those questions and provides background from independent, impartial sources, to help stimulate further discussion.

Find out answers to all the questions below and join the conversation by using #DiscussCannabis.

Could legalization of cannabis reduce crime in your community?

Will tax dollars from cannabis contribute to your community?

Does all cannabis make you feel high?

Why was cannabis ever illegal in Canada?

Could cannabis help with the opioid crisis?

Is smoking cannabis as harmful to your health as smoking tobacco?

Learn more about Emerald Health Therapeutics, and find out how to apply for medical cannabis.

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Could the legalization of cannabis reduce crime in your community?
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