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Keeping Patients a Priority after Adult-Use Legalization

Emerald Health
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Despite the foundational work in building our country’s cannabis system, many patients expressed deep concerns that they would be left behind by their medical suppliers, as companies rushed to capitalize on the recreational market.

In October of 2018, adult-use cannabis became legal in Canada. This change was only possible because of the tenacious advocacy and hard work of medical patients, who courageously fought and won the right to secure legal access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes in the years prior.

Despite this foundational work in building our country’s cannabis system, many patients expressed deep concerns that they would be left behind by their medical suppliers following adult-use legalization, as companies rushed to capitalize on the new and comparatively larger recreational market.

While our medical system remains in place, sadly many patients continue to express these feelings. They point to barriers such as access, affordability, and consistent supply as major issues affecting their health and well being.

These challenges have been exasperated by recent issues that have seen one major company suspend significant elements of their operations, which in turn forced many patients to seek alternative providers.

As a company that was built by medical professionals, Emerald understands that adding to patient anxiety only makes the healing and treatment process harder. Moreover, we remember the obligation we have to the patients who largely made this industry possible. That’s why we are committed to taking every step possible to minimize the barriers medical patients face and enhance the services we provide to medical patients.

Affordable pricing for medical clients

Medical cannabis is the only medicine that requires consumers to pay tax.

In regard to affordability, Emerald is committed to covering the cost of the unfair and burdensome excise tax on medical cannabis. We don’t believe you should have to pay ‘sin taxes’ on medicine, so we will do it for you.

Moreover, we have also committed to ensuring that our medical products remain available to patients at a lower cost than the adult-use cannabis products we sell.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and the addition of our organic outdoor grow, allow us to cultivate cannabis at a lower cost which we are able to pass along to our medical clients.

Consistent supply

Concerns over supply shortages for medical consumers are ongoing. Emerald is committed to ensuring that we do everything humanly possible to consistently supply our patients first by continuing to prioritize medical supply as our number one goal.

Patient onboarding

Emerald is taking steps to enhance and expand our already best-in-class medical intake and order fulfillment system. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for patients and medical professionals.

We recently launched our Virtual Consultation, an online consultation service that links patients with health practitioners to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate therapeutic choice.

Consultations are private and secure, typically take less than 30 minutes, have no associated fees, and can be done from the convenience and privacy of your home.

This allows us to support patients with mobility issues or who are unable to access a clinic for a medical cannabis document.

Supporting medical cannabis advocacy

Finally, we have and will continue to seek opportunities to empower patient advocates, such as Canadians For Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) so that real medical users can share their concerns and needs to the wider community.

Toward this end, Emerald has provided direct, no strings attached financial contributions to CFAMM with the intent of empowering patient voices so that they can make our industry, including our company, better at understanding and responding to the challenges these patients face.

Emerald supports the patient community that forged the way for cannabis legalization. Canada’s implementation of adult-use legalization is a major milestone but we must ensure that we keep patients a priority by continuing to fight against taxing medicine and bolster access to high-quality and consistent products.

To learn more about Emerald Health Therapeutics visit emeraldhealth.ca.

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