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Meet Nick, Emerald’s Production Manager

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Creativity and passion are two skills that led Nick from self-employment to becoming Production Manager at Emerald Health Therapeutics. Since he started with the company in early 2018, he says he’s been working through challenges on a daily basis.

“Everything we’re learning, creating and innovating will impact what our processes are in the long term,” he says, describing his latest project: building a new research and development space within Emerald’s Victoria, British Columbia headquarters. “To be a part of something that’s never been done before is very exciting.”

The “Stoner”? I have yet to meet one in this industry. It’s all very professional.

As a Production Manager, Nick is less involved in growth and production and focuses more on the business side. He now manages a diverse team of specialists working on the entire cannabis process from growing to packaging, shipping and receiving. And that’s exactly what drew him to the company.

“I was attracted to Emerald’s scientific approach to cannabis and the research they’re doing,” he says. “And as the company grows, they keep hiring really great people. Everybody has unique attributes they bring to the table and what they do is always very interesting.”

Although Nick is fascinated by how the plant grows and its complexity, he doesn’t consume cannabis. And he’s very clear that consumption is not in any way a prerequisite to industry employment.

“You’re going to see a lot of different people in this industry popping up,” he shares, “you have people who consume, others who don’t, and no one judges one another because we’re all in this together.”

“The “Stoner”? I have yet to meet one in this industry. It’s all very professional.”

Nick’s extensive industry experience, team building and innovative thinking all make him an integral part of the Emerald team.

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