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Prescribing medical cannabis

Become an authorizing physician.

If you would like to prescribe medical cannabis to your patients, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Download forms or complete online

Ask your patients to visit emeraldhealth.ca/how-to-register, where they can:

Register online


Download and complete Application for Medical Cannabis.

STEP 2: Complete the Physician Form

As an authorizing physician, please complete the Medical Document on your patient’s behalf, indicating the number of prescribed grams per day, duration of the prescription, and any THC limits.

Note: If a caregiver is working on the patient’s behalf, or if you (the Physician) will be receiving the medical cannabis on your patient’s behalf, please complete a Supplemental Form.

STEP 3: Submit Forms

Submit the completed and signed forms to Emerald Health via post, fax or through the online registration.

Emerald Health Therapeutics Canada Inc.,
310-777 Royal Oak Drive,
PO Box 24076,
Victoria, BC. Canada V8X 4V1

Our secure, private fax number is 1.855.623.3325

Patient access programs

Financial support may be available to patients with prescriptions for medical cannabis:

  • Tax Claims: under the Canada Revenue Agency, medical cannabis is considered an eligible medical expense
  • Insurance coverage: patients can check with their private or group insurance provider to see what conditions are covered for medical cannabis
  • Additional resources from Emerald Health Therapeutics:
    • For Veterans: Patients who are veterans may be covered by Veterans Affairs Canada. Emerald can work directly with Veterans Affairs to ascertain whether your patient qualifies.
    • Compassionate Pricing: Emerald understands that some patients may be dealing with financial difficulties due to their health and conditions. That’s why Emerald offers compassionate pricing.

For more information, please call 1.800.757.3536 or email info@emeraldhealth.ca

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