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So you want to work in the cannabis industry?

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Despite the foundational work in building our country’s cannabis system, many patients expressed deep concerns that they would be left behind by their medical suppliers, as companies rushed to capitalize on the recreational market.

There’s no clearly defined career path for getting into the cannabis business, but you can use that to your advantage. Focus on what skills you bring to the table and how they could help the company you’re applying at. Each company has its own mission and competitive advantages that make it stand out. Be aware of these differences and learn to articulate how your skillset aligns with the company’s values.

After that, there are some practical steps you can take. Cannabis staffing agencies such as Cannabis at Work, can help you find jobs that are tailored to your skills. If you’re looking a few years into the future, you can consider post-secondary education; there are already cannabis programs in at least 11 post-secondary institutions across Canada, including six colleges that offer diplomas in cannabis cultivation.

Are there risks involved with working in the cannabis industry?

Unfortunately, working in the nascent cannabis industry still presents some unique challenges, especially around international travel. In September 2018, Canadians were warned

that if they work in the cannabis industry, they could be banned for life from the United States. Later, U.S. Customs and Border Protectionclarified that cannabis-industry employees can enter the U.S. as long as their reason for travel is unrelated to their work.

One last thing about working in the cannabis industry: having a job in the industry doesn’t mean you can use cannabis at work, even if you have a medical prescription, with the main issue being impairment. You should consult your employer if you have any questions about cannabis in the workplace.

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So you want to work in the cannabis industry?

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So you want to work in the cannabis industry?
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