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Emerald’s COVID-19 Assurance

Emerald Health Therapeutics has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout Canada and we have been following guidance from the Canadian Centre for Disease Control and local health authorities.

Emerald is committed to providing our patients trusted, lab tested cannabis.

Our call center will remain open, our hours are
8am – 4pm PST
1-800-757-3636 Ext 1

Please be advised, we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes and email is the fastest way to contact us. Please email: clients@emeraldhealth.ca

Emerald Health Therapeutics has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout Canada and we have been following guidance from the Canadian Centre for Disease Control and local health authorities.


Canada post shipping changes

Dear Valued Patient,

Emerald Health Therapeutics has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout Canada. As per the guidance from the Canadian Center for Disease Control (CCDC), Canadians are being advised to self-isolate and practice social distancing. As such Emerald has made changes to the delivery of your medical cannabis to assist in ensuring your ability to abide by these new protocols.

Emerald has been diligently working with Canada Post to provide new options for delivery of your products, while ensuring compliance to the CCDC. Together with Canada Post we have decided to eliminate the need for you to sign for your package allowing Canada Post Carriers to deliver it directly to your door and leave it at your doorstep. This new measure would be effective as of March 26, 2020. As a patient you have a choice, if you would prefer to have your package held at the post office, please inform our client care team via email to: clients@emeraldhealth.ca prior to your next order. Otherwise the new process of delivering your package without the need for signature will be applied to your account.

Medical cannabis access is an essential service to Canadians, and our teams are working diligently to ensure the safety of Emerald’s products and to ensure you and our employees safety during this unprecedented time.

Each of our facilities have put in place the following:

• Additional procedures for staff working in our production facilities have been put in place. These procedures include but are not limited to employees wearing full gowns and masks as well as sanitizing before entering the workplace.

• Limiting staff onsite to only essential members to limit exposure and risk.

• Increased sanitation protocols in all of our facilities for equipment and shipping. Making sure that all surfaces, including door handles, tables and chairs and other items are thoroughly sanitized before and after each use.

• All our products are tested at a Health Canada accredited laboratories.

• We are working continuously to ensure our patients have continued access to their medical cannabis products, including building inventories to ensure there are no gaps in supply.

During this challenging time, we are working to ensure the health and safety of our staff, our patients, our customers and our communities and we encourage you to do the same with your families and communities.

Thank you,
Emerald Health Therapeutics.


Our CEO's Approach

As COVID-19 continues its relentless spread and we experience its human impact, we at Emerald Health Therapeutics want to assure our medical clients, adult-use consumers, distributors, suppliers, communities in which we operate, and, very importantly, our employees, that we are taking proactive steps to contribute to the protection of your health and safety.

Health and wellness have always been fundamental to Emerald’s focus as we’ve participated in the formation of the new legal cannabis industry. In this new world context, we will do our best to apply this philosophy in a manner that prioritizes your safety and well-being. We are doing our best to help minimize the spread of the virus. Together we can all help “flatten the curve.”

At the same time, there is a responsibility to ensure that we provide vital and expected products to our clients and our consumers, and that we maintain not only the safety but the quality of these products. We have a responsibility to minimize hardships that may be experienced by our employees and our partners throughout the supply chain by trying to sustain the continuity of our business.

This is a challenging balancing act. It is, however, a balancing act that we have embraced head-on. We will see it through to the best of our ability.

With respect to health and well-being, here are our key initiatives.

  • We are monitoring and applying guidelines prescribed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial/local health authority.
  • Individuals that have recently travelled must self-isolate for two weeks before returning to work.
  • Anyone who can work at home is working at home.
  • For those who cannot work at home, we are implementing solutions to reduce staffing to a bare minimum and maximize physical distancing.
  • Our highest priority is ensuring health and safety of our customers, products and personnel by maintaining our programs for personnel hygiene and facility sanitation of both office and production areas. As the current situation evolves and information becomes available, we have implemented new or are reinforcing an array of practices to ensure our standards and practices are aligned with guidance from Health Canada and other public health authorities
  • We comply with all Health Canada regulations that apply to our cannabis operations to ensure the quality and safety of our products including testing at licensed Health Canada analytical laboratories.

With respect to conducting our business, and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients, customers, distributors, vendors, and employees:

  • We continue to prioritize achieving the quality standards of our cannabis products that are expected by our medical and adult-use customers, and that we set as our own aspirations and focus for our business.
  • We are regularly monitoring reputable scientific and medical websites and journals to better understand the evolving scientific characterization and infection capabilities of the virus to better prioritize our actions and to assess and build better preventive risk measures.
  • We are continuing to modify our systems and processes to ensure appropriate customer service, while giving our employees the security of having greater physical distancing or working at home. We encourage all our clients to please use our online ordering and customer service capabilities.
  • Please note: to minimize contact, Canada Post requires that all product packages be delivered to a local post office. You will receive a notice card indicating where you can pick up your shipments.
  • We are working to help our employees deal with the circumstances of required self-isolation, childcare, and caring for the medical needs of a loved one.

For most of us, these circumstances and challenges are unprecedented. We are closely monitoring global and local developments. We are meeting daily and assessing and adapting best practices as they relate to our operations. Our priority is to ensure the safety of all those we work with and rely upon, inside and outside the company, customer, vendor, employee, and community.

At the same time, we will do our best to ensure the supply of our products to those who need it, to ensure the continuity of our business, and to protect as best as possible the assets that will contribute to the well-being of all our stakeholders.

We will work hard for you. Please be patient with us, if and when necessary. Let’s work together to navigate through these unprecedented circumstances and emerge from this pandemic better prepared and even more appreciative of those around us.

Riaz Bandali
Chief Executive Officer