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Souvenir Packaged Products

Souvenir is focused on bringing unique offerings to the Québec market at a competitive price point. Every batch is carefully curated for a range in THC potency, distinct aromas, flavours, and bud size.


Explore our high-quality strains, with a selection that offers varying percentages of THC and CBD. With over 60 years of growing experience, we put extra care into growing, drying and curing our cannabis. Every batch is tested in independent labs, ensuring our commitment to both our products and our patients. 

We offer a range of pre-rolled cannabis products with a variety of different THC and CBD percentages. Like our other dried cannabis products, pre-rolls are tested in independent labs.

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Souvenir is proudly produced and packaged at Verdélite in St Eustache, Québec. Every batch of dried flower is hang-dried and hand-packaged to optimize terpene profiles.